Our business model is simple: Design and build high quality products for the Ice Sports and Municipal Water and Environmental / Wastewater Industries. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. Over time our rugged tools save you money while providing enhanced efficiency from the very first use.

Our Rink Blasters and Waste Blasters are Multi Function hybrid Shovel, Squeegee, Puller, and Pusher all-in-one tools. We design and manufacture these tough and durable tools in the USA.





We have Developed a great relationship with Way Cool Products. Their products have been made with Care and Attention with the result of Quality we are happy to sell at our location. We appreciate their attention to detail and the customer service they provide from the ordering process to shipping. The staff truly make you feel welcomed to ask questions regarding the product line.
Jasmine Hiebert, Director of Operations
White Ice
We have the 36” Rinkblaster with the 3/4” foam squeegee, this tool allows for the safe removal of snow slush and any excess water. After a short transition period this became the tool of choice after every resurface for all our operators.
Mike Bauer
Parks and Recreation Director
I just wanted to send you a note that my team loves the Rink Blaster Radius model for use at the gate. It works really well, great product!
Grant Frotten, Supervisor
Conversions Air Canada Centre - Toronto, Canada
We have utilized the Rink Blaster for several months. The resurfacer operators have found that it cleans the ice surface, near the sill plate, very effectively. As the Maintenance Operations Manager, I like that it helps promote safety procedures within the daily activities at the Rink.
Tom Wolff, Maintenance Operations Manager
Pavilion Recreation Complex - Taylors, SC
Our guys beat the crap out of your Rink Blasters and they are still working!
Rich Koch
Bill Grays Iceplex - Rochester, NY
The Rink Blaster is working great! It has made cleaning the extra snow a lot safer and faster. Nice to have the snow and water off in 2 pulls. It has also helped keep the edge from building up fast. I would definitely recommend this product to any rink, it has made it easier, faster and safer for the workers here.
Mark Bennet, Athletic Facilities Operations Manager
State University of New York at Geneseo
We have just received the Rink Blasters. They work fantastic! Thanks for your prompt attention; the guys reckon the “rink blaster rocks”.
Ken McCoy
Medibank Icehouse - Docklands, Australia
We love it. It does a great job and you really don’t even have to step on the ice and you know how that hurts if you fall. GREAT PRODUCT!
Peter Bilous, General Manager
Skating Club of Wilmington
We like your Rink Blaster. It has the weight to squeegee the slush and water off the ice and it can push as well as pull. We like that we no longer have to stand on the ice sheet…a lot safer. Our maintenance guy does a great job quickly clearing our sidewalks with it so we want to buy a 3-foot Sidewalk Blaster for him soon.
Cory Haddock, Rink/Ice Manager
South Davis Recreation Center - Bountiful, Utah
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